Continuous work for technical reasons

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    1.This particular organization of the work allows to derogate from the normal daily and weekly working time limits.

    2. This derogation concerns companies where, for technical reasons, it is impossible to interrupt the work (activities) which must therefore continue 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    3. In case of continuous work for technical reasons, the maximal working time limits become :

    • 12 hours/day and 50 hours/week, or
    • 8 hours/day and 56 hours/week if the work is spread over 7 days/week.

    4. Such a derogation is directly permitted by law without prior authorisation.

    Compensatory rests

    Compensatory rests must be granted to ensure that the normal weekly working time (38 hours or that determined by collective agreement) is complied with on average over a reference period.

    In principle, this reference period is a quarter. 

    Overtime rates