Minimum paid annual holidays


Holiday entitlement depends on the time for which the worker worked in the course of the holiday year (i.e. the calendar year preceding that in which the holidays are to be granted).

Holiday entitlement must be at least 24 days for 12 months' work, including the non-working days declared by Royal Decree to be equivalent to normal working days.

The worker is entitled to maximum 4 weeks of holidays per year under his work pattern applicable at the time of taking his days off.

In addition, collective labour agreements concluded within a joint body and given binding force by Royal Decree may provide for extra holidays.
The social partners have made extensive use of this possibility.  

The workers who start an activity in Belgium or those who continue an activity after a complete or partial suspension of the employment contract and who have pursued an activity during a minimum period of 3 months (or 90 calendar days) in a calendar year are entitled to additional holidays, on top of the normal legal holidays, which enables them to be entitled to 4 weeks of holidays. 


Article 6 fo the Belgian Posting Act of 5 March 2002 

The employer who posts workers in Belgium does not have to apply the legislation regarding minimum paid annual holidays where the works to be performed fulfill certain cumulative conditions.