Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union

Belgium will hold the presidency of the Council of the European Union from 1 January to 30 June 2024. This means that our country will help set the Council's agenda and chair its meetings for several months. 

The Council meets in several formations. The FPS Employment belongs to the EPSCO configuration, i.e., the Council of Ministers of Employment and Social Affairs. Usually, our task within formal or informal EPSCO meetings is to defend Belgian values and interests. However, during the Presidency we will also be responsible for the promotion of Member State cooperation.  

To feed European debate, the FPS Employment organises several conferences as well as an informal council:

Informal Council EPSCO: Employment & Social Policy

The Informal EPSCO Meeting brings together ministers responsible for employment and social affairs of all Member States of the European Union with the Commission, the Parliament, the social partners and civil society. The agenda of this informal meeting includes the following topics: the Council's social agenda for the period after the European elections, as well as the international role of the EU in the field of employment and social policy - including in relation to the possible enlargement of the EU.

Namur, 10-12 January 2024

Fair Mobility in the EU and the role of the European Labour Authority

The Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union organises a conference on the European Labor Authority (ELA). The conference has two objectives: to promote ELA’s activities and achievements, and to evaluate the effectiveness of its missions.

Brussels, 25 January 2024

Conference Mental Health and Work

The High-Level Conference on Mental Health and Work will bring together European experts and decision-makers with the aim of brainstorming and sharing innovative solutions or best practices to help anticipate and plan for the future.

Brussels, 30-31 January 2024 

Employment Committee (EMCO)

The Employment Committee (EMCO) is the advisory committee for ministers that are part of the Employment and Social Affairs Council (EPSCO). The committee promotes the coordination of employment and labour market policies, both at the European and the national level. Each presidency organises an EMCO meeting.

Ghent, 12-13 February 2024

Seveso Expert Group (SEG)

The Seveso Expert Group discusses implementation issues related to the Seveso Directive. The three-day event is composed as follows: 
-    10 April: Seminar on external emergency planning for Seveso establishments, organised jointly with the National Crisis Centre;
-    11 April: Meeting of the Seveso Expert Group, chaired by DG Environment;
-    12 April: Seveso site visits.

Mons, 10-12 April 2024

High level conference on the European Pillar of Social Rights

On the 15 and 16 April, the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union is organising a high-level conference in La Hulpe dedicated to the European Pillar of Social Rights. The aim of the conference is to reflect with key European stakeholders on the future social agenda of the European Union. Together, we aim to identify the remaining challenges in the domains of employment and social affairs, as well as policy priorities for the next EU-legislature. The European Pillar of Social Right will be the central framework for this reflection.

La Hulpe, 15-16 April 2024

Senior Labour Inspectors Committee (SLIC)

The Senior Labour Inspectors' Committee (SLIC) has the mandate to give its opinion on all matters relating to the enforcement of EU legislation on health and safety at work by the Member States. SLIC consists of representatives of the labour inspection services of each Member State. This will be the 85th meeting of the Committee, which will focus on 'How to develop an efficient NLI strategy to enforce OSH of workers exposed to hazardous chemical agents, especially CMR'.

Brussels, 7-8 May 2024

Closing event “Roadmap on carcinogens”

The Roadmap on Carcinogens launched in Berlin in 2020 will arrive in Brussels in 2024 during the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the Europea Union. During the closing event, a state of play on carcinogens will be presented as well as the achievements of the Roadmap according to its different pillars and challenges.

Brussels, 12-13 June 2024

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