Procedure for the 50 hours worked beyond the first 130 hours in the construction sector and in case of Saturday work

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    • The approval of the majority of the union delegation is required;
    • If there is no union delegation, Saturday work is possible if the employer signs a protocol of adherence to the scheme with at least one worker;
    • This protocol must be co-signed by the regional union secretaries, if they are present in the region. Their signature can be obtained either directly or via the local professional organisation;
    • The regional union secretaries have fourteen days to sign the protocol or to give notice of their refusal to sign;
    • In case of refusal, a local consultation shall be conducted to try and reach a conciliation;
    • If the local consultation fails to achieve its purpose, the dispute may be submitted to the conciliation board of the Joint Committee by the first party to take action;
    • The protocol of adherence to this scheme is valid for one year and shall be tacitly renewed unless it is terminated.
      Saturday work is always voluntary; the worker's will must be established in a written agreement at the latest at the time of the start of the work, signed by the worker and the employer. This written agreement needs to be kept on the workplace.