Mobile work equipment

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    Title 3 of book IV of the Code on Well-being at Work applies to all mobile work equipment, whether self-propelled or not.

    This title contains no further definition of "mobile work equipment", nor does it contain restrictions on the scope of application with regard to this mobility. It can therefore be said that title 3 applies to all forms of mobility by road or rail, on wheels, rollers or crawlers.

    In addition to the specific provisions of title 3, the general provisions of title 2 concerning the provisions applicable to all work equipment of book IV of the Code also apply, as well as, where appropriate, the specific provisions of title 4 concerning work equipment for lifting and hoisting loads of the same book IV.

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    Regularly, questions are asked about the nature of the necessary certificates regarding the driving of mobile work equipment.

    It can be argued that the current regulations do not set concrete requirements on this point but do emphasise the competence of the persons appointed for this operation with reference to the employer's responsibility in this matter.

    See the explanation about the certificate for driving a motorised transport equipment.

    Opinions of the Supreme Council for Prevention and Protection at Work are available on our French and Dutch pages.