Work equipment

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    General situation

    The general provisions on the use of work equipment can be found in section 2 of book IV of the Code on Well-being at Work. There are also specific provisions on:

    • mobile work equipment (section 3 of book IV of the Code);
    • work equipment for lifting loads (section 4 of book IV of the Code);
    • work equipment for temporary work at height (section 5 of book IV of the Code).

    Scope of application

    Employers, workers and similar persons as stated in the Act on Well-being.

    What is work equipment? 

    All the machines, devices, tools and installations used in the workplace; in brief, anything that allows work to be carried out. 

    The use of work equipment means each activity involving work equipment, including commissioning or decommissioning, use, transport, repair, transformation, maintenance and servicing (also cleaning).

    Opinions of the Supreme Council for Prevention and Protection at Work are available on our French and Dutch pages.