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    The workers must cooperate with the implementation of the policy to prevent psychosocial risks within the company.

    They must, among other things:

    • respect procedures and instructions,
    • inform the Prevention Advisors of the stress factors they are facing,
    • help to quickly resolve interpersonal conflicts,
    • refuse to be involved in a group dynamic that excludes a worker,
    • refrain from any act of violence or moral or sexual harassment at work,
    • refrain from any abusive use of the procedures.
    • etc.

    Information and training

    The employer must inform the workers of:

    The employer must inform the workers of and train them in:

    Training involves workers receiving verbal explanations of the written instructions so that they can ask questions.

    The contact details of the Prevention Advisor for psychosocial aspects or the external prevention service for which they work, and the contact details of any confidential counsellors must be written in the work regulations and in a place that is easily accessible to workers (poster, intranet, etc.).

    The work regulations will also include a description of the procedures accessible to workers in the company and any other information the employer considers useful to include to keep the workers informed.

    Clause template to be added to the work regulations: see Article 19 of the work regulations template: