Members of the line management

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    The members of the line management are persons who, from the top to the bottom of the company or institution, are authorised to give orders to the workers.

    They implement the employer's policy on the prevention of psychosocial risks at work, each within the limits of their competencies and grade.

    This takes the following forms:

    • make proposals for preventive measures and provide advices to the employer on the application of these measures;
    • examine incidents of a psychosocial nature and propose measures to avoid them in the future;
    • monitor compliance with the instructions given to workers;
    • ensure that the workers understand and apply the information they have received;
    • detect any psychosocial problems linked to the work and ensure they are dealt with early to avoid harm.

    This does not mean that the members of the line management must solve all work-related problems themselves.

    For individual problems, they must question the workers, listen to them and inform them of the alternatives that exist for managing problems. They can talk to their line manager at any time or request the advice of the prevention service.

    For collective problems, if a psychosocial danger is detected in a work situation (for example in a particular service), they may ask the employer to carry out a risk analysis.

    The members of the line management have the power of authority over the workers. The way in which they use this power can play an important role in preventing psychosocial risks. The appropriate management style, paying attention to the workers and the organisation of the work can prevent a great deal of stress and conflict.

    The managers also act as role models and are expected not to abuse their authority by displaying harassing behaviour.

    Information and training

    The members of the line management are informed of and trained in the same subjects as the workers, but the content of the information and training must be adapted to their position in the company, particularly with regard to preventive measures.

    The members of the line management must therefore be informed about:

    They must be informed of and trained in: