Specific formalities concerning certain activities in the meat industry : presence registration (checkinatwork)

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    Where an employer posts workers in Belgium with a view to carrying out activities related to meat preparation or meat products and the slaughter or cutting of ungulates, poultry and rabbits in establishments subject to approval (recognition, licensing and prior registrations) by the (Belgian) Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FASFC), a presence registration (checkinatwork) may be required, depending on the estimated amount of the activities. 

    In Dutch: https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_nl/employer/applics/checkinatwork/general/meat.htm

    In French: https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_fr/employer/applics/checkinatwork/general/meat.htm

    In German : https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_de/employer/applics/checkinatwork/general/meat.htm


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    In Dutch: https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_nl/employer/general/contactcenter/index.htm

    In French: https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_fr/employer/general/contactcenter/index.htm

    In German : https://www.socialsecurity.be/site_de/employer/general/contactcenter/index.htm