Communication of the identification and contact details regarding the liaison person

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    An employer who is going to post workers in Belgium must communicate to the Belgian Labour Inspectorate the identification and contact details of a liaison person.

    Warning ! Such a formality is not applicable to employers posting their drivers in the context of road transport activities !

    In such cases, specific formalities are applicable.

    This liaison person is the natural person appointed by the (posting) employer who can be contacted by the Belgian Labour Inspectorate to deliver and receive, on behalf of this employer, any document or notification regarding the employment of posted of workers in Belgium.

    This liaison person can be the employer him/herself, a company’s worker or a (natural) person who is a third in relation to the posting company.

    The liaison person has no obligation to be domiciled in Belgium.

    At the moment the obligation of communicating the identification and contact details of a liaison person has been implemented :

    • as regards all the activities subject to the obligation of serving the Limosa declaration, via such a declaration;
    • as regards a category of activities exempted from the Limosa declaration, i.e the activity of initial assembly and/or first installation of goods where this is an integral part of a contract for the supply of goods and which are necessary for taking the goods supplied into use, are carried out by the skilled and/or specialist workers of the supplying undertaking, where the period of posting does not exceed eight days and, where this activity does not relate to activities in the field of building work.

    Regarding these specific activities of initial assembly and or/first installation of goodsthe identification and contact details of the liaison person must be communicated :

    •  either by postal delivery to the following address :
      • in French language : SPF Emploi, Travail et Concertation sociale, Direction générale Contrôle des Lois sociales, Administration centrale, rue Ernest Blerot 1, 1070 Bruxelles. 
      • in Dutch language : FOD Werkgelegenheid, Arbeid en Sociaal Overleg, Algemene Directie Toezicht op de Sociale Wetten, Centrale Administratie, Ernest Blerotstraat 1, 1070 Brussel.
    • either by email sent to the following electronic adress: 

    NB : As long as the liaison person already appointed by the employer remains the same and his/her identification and contact details remain unchanged, the employer must not re-communicate such identification and contact détails.